5 tips on selecting the perfect wedding dress

Hello, dear readers! This is Anastasia Rather. Today we will talk to you about what a little more than a year ago worried me, and now worries many (what is it – all) of the brides: how to choose a wedding dress.

Yes, perhaps, even the wedding ceremony itself we care a lot less than how we will look at it. Agree, let it be super-perfectly arranged, but if the dress will not sit well or, worse still, demonstrate the flaws of the figure, it will obviously not be a holiday.

Having gone through the ordeal of choosing a dress myself, I decided to write for you some absolutely simple tips which will help you to choose an outfit both for your figure and your pocket, and also without stepping on the throat of your own song – tastes, that is.

wedding dress

Choosing a dress according to your body type and height

So, five super-recommendations based on my experience, fashion and just common sense.

I must say right away that I did not write about taller girls, because they have the greatest advantage when choosing a design: here and the puffy skirts, and a greater abundance of trim, and with hemming dresses do not have to suffer.

1. For a small stature.

I do not include myself to the low individuals, but I am somewhere on the border – the height of 161 cm. And there are ladies and more compact girly sizes. And for us it is much more difficult to choose a wedding dress than for tall and statuesque people.

The first problem you’ll face when choosing a dress to the floor: they’re all VERY long. That means that you will definitely have to give them to the atelier for alterations (as it happened in my case).

The second stumbling block can be available styles. Although here it all depends on the salon.

When my mom and I went to the only specialized wedding salon in our city, we found that buying a decent dress in my size is actually not so easy. There were very puffy skirts, huge necklines, and scary sizes.

Empire (+ A-line silhouette).

My dress was just in this category. That’s why the short height didn’t catch my eye either.

Mermaid tail (gode)

The main thing here is not to go too far, the skirt must extend smoothly, and not hang like a ballet tutu at the heels.

Cropped dresses.

It is a modern variant, which will suit not everyone for one simple reason: the revolt of the relatives. My husband immediately told me that I should wear whatever color you want, but the length should be classic. And threatened to come in shorts :_D

So I did not dare to choose a dress under the knee. But for the short ones it’s even the way out.)

Two in one.

I’m talking about the so-called transformer dresses, which have part of the skirt to the knee, and part – to the floor:

Sometimes they have a long skirt that unhooks, and sometimes they don’t.

Simple Lines

To avoid turning into a Malvina, don’t get carried away with the variety of bows, ruffles, etc. It combines badly with a small height. The straps should be small and light or absent at all. Or the form of the sleeve should also be as simple as possible.

2. Fashions for overweight women

I thought for a long time and realized: full women do not have to force themselves under any standards. It’s just worth choosing a dress very carefully.

The ideal combination: simple straight lines + not tight-fitting cut.

Also, you can add that it is better to choose styles that support the chest.

3. Interesting position.

Perhaps the coolest and coolest option is again the empire. The waist should be overstated and go just under the breasts.

Of course, the lacing should be minimal; in no case be tight. Choose a flying, airy silhouette:

4. The right shoes.

For a small height, for example, recommend to wear high heels of 10-15 cm. But just imagine, you have to walk all day in them. This, in my opinion, is the optimal height.

But for pregnant women I would recommend heels no higher than 4 cm. Have pity on yourself)

Choose the color and the style according to your taste, but remember that the length of the dress will need to be adjusted in accordance with the height of the heel of your chosen shoes.

5. Accessories

The most important rule here is the compatibility with the dress. I would universalize it:

If the bodice is richly trimmed, you should consider the absence of a necklace. Perhaps a pair of earrings will be enough.

Wedding gloves also look interesting. They sometimes serve as such a powerful accessory that you don’t want any more excesses in jewelry.

Separately, I’d like to mention about the veil: it’s not required. But if you really want to have it at the festive celebration, then take into account that the small brides should choose a shorter and more puffy version.