Bridal bouquet trends 2023

In the image of the bridal everything is important. Even a small detail can greatly change your look, so you need to prepare carefully and responsibly for the wedding. Today we will look at such an important detail as the bouquet of the bride, which affects her wedding image and the perception of others.

It should be said that the wedding bouquets in 2023, offered at the moment by florists, meet the current trends of wedding floristics in full.

If you are interested in trendy wedding bouquets and you have a great desire to create a unique wedding image, then you have come to the right place, now we will tell you what is what.

How to match the bride’s bouquet to the shade of the dress?

When choosing a shade for your future bouquet, remember that it should not draw too much attention to itself. The attention should be to the bride’s image as a whole, but not to an individual detail. Therefore, do not choose a bright bouquet to the dress of powdery shades. And vice versa, a bright image should complement the extravagant bouquet. By the way, it’s not just about the color scheme here. You can choose flowers in calmer tones, but for example exotic, which will give a zest to the bouquet. Choosing flowers for a bouquet will help you with this article Dominican Republic flowers.

It is right to choose a bouquet a few shades darker than the dress. For example, for a bride in a milky dress will perfectly suit a bouquet in cream shades.

And with a soft pink dress should choose a bouquet of crimson or lilac hues. A bouquet in light tones of blue, red, yellow, brown and purple will go well with the aivory dress. Here already choose according to your taste.

If you choose a cream dress, a delicate and romantic image will complement the floral composition of cool hues. Pay attention to lilac, lavender, purple.


Wedding bouquet by complexion and color of the bride’s hair

It is better for brides with luxurious forms to choose medium-sized wedding bouquets. This is done so that they do not weigh down the wedding image. But in turn emphasized its beauty and uniqueness.

For elegant and sophisticated brides will come to taste wedding flower bouquets round and drop-shaped, and the large brides are better to consider wedding bouquets lush or arc.

It is worth noting that the choice of wedding bouquets should also take into account the growth of the bride. If she is a small stature, you need a round bouquet, preferably a small one. But girls of high growth are advised to pay attention to the wedding bouquets elongated or cascading in shape.

What flowers to choose for the wedding bouquet of the bride in 2023?

Classic wedding bouquets are made of rosebuds, as depending on the time of year, there may be a situation that other flowers at the moment just can not get, and the roses are still a classic. However, if you are a lucky girl who is going to play a wedding in the midst of the flower season, then take into account what flowers can diversify the fashionable wedding bouquets in 2023.

In the fall period, it can be shrub roses, ranunculus, peonies, asters or daisies;

For spring it could be lilacs, mimosas or willow branches;

For a hot summer, a bouquet of crocuses, zinnias and small field chamomile would be appropriate.

How to keep a bouquet in frosty weather

Flowers feel best at 5-10 degrees. If you have to go out in colder temperatures, these tips will help you keep your flowers fresh until the very end of the celebration:

  • Keep the bouquet outdoors as short as possible;
  • Avoid strong temperature drops for the bouquet: if you brought it from a frosty walk, it is better to let it stand for 10-15 minutes at an intermediate temperature, for example, at a half-open window
  • Strictly not put the bouquet near the radiator to “warm up”;
  • Do not leave the bouquet on the car’s dashboard or at the passengers’ feet, as the air there is warmer from the heater/air conditioner, to avoid temperature drops;
  • Do not place the bouquet on the hood of the car. It’s freezing outside and the hood may be warm. The temperature difference will cause irreparable damage to the delicate flowers;
  • If you have extreme cold temperatures, choose darker flowers. If the flower accidentally turns black from the cold, it will go unnoticed.

You can make several flower arrangements, such as one for a walk and photo shoot and another for a banquet. In a warm room, each flower will feel comfortable and pleasing to the eye, so you can choose any floral arrangement.