Interesting facts about why we need a honeymoon

Honeymoon – what is it, why is it called that, how long does it last, why is it necessary?

It is considered the happiest time in the life of young people, when they can enjoy each other’s company, without hiding and without worrying about human gossip. For today’s newlyweds, a honeymoon is a great opportunity and excuse to go somewhere to see the world, change the scenery and just relax.

What is a honeymoon?

Those who wonder what a honeymoon is, should answer that it refers to the thirty happy days in the life of the newly married couple, following immediately after the wedding day. European culture has been aware of this concept for several hundred years, but Russia got to know it relatively recently and since then it has been firmly entrenched in local culture as well.

The tradition of going to a post-wedding trip Russians picked up from the Americans and Europeans, when they opened the Iron Curtain and Russian screens flooded with movies in which the couple of young at the hooting of the crowd and the clatter of tin cans tied to the bottom of the car, goes on a long journey. Today, many newlyweds abandon the traditional wedding with numerous relatives, toastmasters, “buddy” and “buddy,” preferring to spend money on a romantic holiday under the shade of palm trees and the sound of the surf.


Why is the honeymoon called the honeymoon?

It’s not called that by accident. The first month after the wedding is called Honeymoon, since when for the wedding ceremony of the special prepared a low-alcohol drink – drink honey. They put it on the festive table, and at the end of the celebration for all thirty days allowed the couple to drink only this drink. A wooden barrel was used as a container, and all the newlyweds were supposed to drink 5-10 liters of tincture, which had been prepared over many years at low temperatures.

The tincture was supposed to give the newlyweds vivacity, cheerfulness and positive emotions without making their heads swell. Today’s newlyweds no longer drink the honey drink. According to tradition, they are served champagne in the registry office, and after the ceremonial part the bride and groom try not to drink too much, because they should honorably stand the hard day and leave strength for the night to come.

How long is the honeymoon?

The length of the honeymoon is 28-31 days, depending on which month of the year the date of the wedding falls on. This is all relative, because the honeymoon is primarily a time when the young can calm down, come to their senses after the grueling preparations for the wedding and just relax in the company of a loved and dear one. It’s good if everyone at work provides family leave, but that does not always happen. Entrepreneurs, businessmen working for themselves do not have such an opportunity and often their honeymoon lasts only a couple of days.

Why do we need a honeymoon?

Nowadays, the true concept of a honeymoon has been somewhat abolished. Often, young people live together for years and then decide to get married without lavish ceremonies and unnecessary celebration. They do not miss the opportunity to celebrate this important event in the life of a newly formed unit of society, going to a restaurant, having a candlelight dinner at home or organizing a holiday in a hot country, the good news of the iron curtain has long gone, and the Russians can freely travel abroad.

This is what a honeymoon after the wedding, and how to spend it, everyone decides for himself. When partners love each other, when they still have vibrant and tender feelings, then they easily find an opportunity to spend the happiest time in their own family life. After all, you can give love, care and attention even without leaving the walls of your home.

After all, you can celebrate your honeymoon any other time the opportunity arises. Maybe it will be even more romantic.