Which type of makeup is best for bridal?

The choice of bridal makeup should concern even a girl who does not resort to it in everyday life. Without makeup, the bride will look unimpressive. Do not forget that the wedding event must be accompanied by a photo shoot, in order to capture the important event for a long time.

The modern wedding makeup should be as natural as possible, and it should emphasize the beauty and freshness of the bride. Of course, the choice of the type of makeup for the wedding event is left to the bride herself, but, still, it is not unreasonable to consult a professional who will prompt the best makeup option for the bride’s color type.

Types of wedding makeup

The difference between bridal makeup and other types of makeup is its versatility. Wedding makeup is a skillful combination of daytime makeup and evening makeup. The main thing is for the bride to look as natural as possible, but very expressive. The choice of the type of makeup depends not only on the color of the girl’s hair and eyes, but also on the time of day. So, for a daytime wedding ceremony a natural makeup will be perfect, while for an evening reception it will be extravagant. But the classic look is appropriate at any time of day.

Makeup in the classic style is usually used in cases where the bride will be wearing a magnificent dress to the floor with a corset. There must be a veil on the head. Emphasis is placed on the eyes, and it is enough to cover the lips with glitter.

Shadows should be selected in light shades, but the outer corner of the eye is tinted with a darker color. It is better to use mascara, which prolongs the eyelashes.

For many girls it is fundamental to look natural. Spacious cut dress and curls, scattered on the shoulders, their main decoration. Light sandy eyeshadow and chocolate eyeliner is the whole eye makeup. The lips are covered with a berry shade of gloss.

The nature of the brides are different, so girls who prefer an unusual wedding attire: pantsuit, bright dress and so on, give preference to extravagant makeup for the wedding reception. Makeup artists offer to use false eyelashes, bright shadows, make arrows, use a bright lipstick and blush. The main thing is not to go overboard with the colors, so that the extravagant makeup did not pass into the category of vulgar.

Wedding makeup for brunettes

The main thing in the wedding makeup of brides is a perfect skin with an even tone. Nowadays, the beauty industry offers a wide range of care and decorative cosmetics. Therefore, you can choose the product that suits you best, so as not to take any risks on such an important day. It can be a cushion that you apply with a sponge or a classic product. However, the base should be applied necessarily, and already on it is worth applying foundation. Concealer can highlight the lower eyelid, and highlighter can highlight the temples and the upper cheekbone zone. Then your skin will shine with freshness and youth from within.

And the eye makeup can be bright and flashy; it suits dark-haired girls. Excellent for such an event are golden or coffee and chocolate shades.

Admirers of tuxedo-ice can take advantage of a spectacular option using gold, silver and multicolored in 2-3 shades. Rhinestones in the temple area look charming. The brighter the eyes, the less expressive the lip makeup should be. If the emphasis is on the eyes, the juiciness of the lips will give a gloss of delicate berry shades.

Wedding makeup for blue eyes

There are many brides who can perfectly implement any makeup. However, you need to remember that girls with different hair color require different makeup. For example, brunettes with blue eyes, which already look bright and spectacular, you can enhance the effect of expression, using bronzer and blush peach. Highlighters can accentuate a graceful curve of the eyebrows and high cheekbones. Silver and purple shadows will open up the look. The lashes could be flushed with dark mascara.

Delicate blue-eyed blondes look incredibly feminine and romantic. For their wedding makeup, gentle pastel colors such as light pink and beige will be perfect. Makeup artists advise blondes to combine nude and sandy shades of shadows with pink and gray. Do not forget about the dark eyeliner along the growth line of the upper eyelashes.

Beauties with red hair are ideal for bronzers, a cool palette of shadows with turquoise shades. Dark eyeliner looks harmoniously with chocolate shadows.

Which type of makeup is best for bridal?

Wedding makeup for green eyes

If the bride has a rare color of green eyes, the wedding makeup has its own subtleties. Blondes with green eyes should use beige, peach, pink range of means. Effectively look eyes with lavender, brick and olive shadows, darkened in the outer corner of the eye with a chocolate shade. And the lipstick is better to apply brown-pink, peach or beige.

Dark-haired green-eyed brides look spectacular with a tuxedo-ace in green, chocolate shades and the color of burgundy.

Bright red hair in tandem with green eyes looks stunning with blue and purple shadows, arrows and lips with red lipstick.

Wedding makeup for brown eyes

Dark-haired brides with brown eyes look great in gold and bronze shades of makeup. It is appropriate to use a bronzer and highlighter to give the skin a fresh glowing effect. Shadows are better to take beige shades or coffee with milk, and green shadows with a golden cast will make a bride look spectacular and stylish.

The hairy-haired beauties prefer beige makeup, as well as terracotta and brick shades. Coral or caramel lip color will perfectly complement the makeup.

Pink and reddish shades are the perfect choice for wedding makeup for blondes with brown eyes. A light pink lipstick or gloss will give the lips juicy and volume.

Girls with fiery curls will look great in nude makeup with the addition of gold and coffee colors. Cover the lips with lipstick of a yellow-pink shade.

Wedding makeup for gray eyes

Grey-eyed blondes to look natural and romantic at the wedding should give preference to nude makeup. The eyebrows should be painted with a brown pencil, and the lips should be added a gloss of a delicate berry tone.

For brunettes, there are no color barriers. However, you should avoid brown tones in the makeup for the wedding, which will make the look gloomy and buried.

Blondes and girls with blonde hair look great in pink, beige and coral makeup.

The wedding makeup should raise the bride’s self-esteem and make her feel that she is a princess who has no equal. In addition, the photo session should emphasize the beauty of the girl, and in this will be the merit of correctly made wedding makeup.