New fashionable wedding colors spring 2023

The colors you choose for your wedding will reflect your couple’s character, mood and make a unique accent in the design of the celebration. Experts have already identified fashionable colors for weddings in 2023. You can choose something from the current shades, or you can trust the classics and not pay attention to fashion. In any case, our article will inspire you to do the wedding decoration. In it, we will tell you about the current colors of weddings in 2023.

Wedding in the color Very Peri

The color of 2023 according to Pantone. At the beginning of 2023, the color will not lose its popularity, on the contrary, it will indicate the awareness of the couple.

The blue-purple hue of Very Peri will accentuate the bride’s white dress. Use small details of Very Peri color to make a slight accent in the decoration. If you want to achieve brightness at the celebration (and eventually in the photo), choose bold options – the groom’s suit in this color, tablecloths in the restaurant or the wedding bouquet.

Very Peri goes well with greenery, which will accentuate the spring mood of the wedding.

Navy Blue Wedding

Shades of blue are a wedding classic, and for the spring season, choose the most fashionable version of blue.

The understated and pure color is a navy blue, which is reminiscent of the fickle spring sky.

It is as if slightly dusty and noble; it combines perfectly with white, beige and champagne color. In the season 2023 it attracts the attention of fashion advisors. This color is considered a classic shade, so most likely you won’t even need to talk your lover into it, as in the case of Very Peri 🙂

Details in this shade look good – for example, napkins or tablecloths at a celebration.

Wedding in the color Lapis Blue

A brighter and richer shade of blue. A color of inspiration, reminiscent of shades of the raging sea, a frequent state of the elements in spring, especially early spring.

Lapis Blue will work for the bride’s image details: choose shoes, ribbons or a wedding bouquet in this shade. The dress code for guests can also be designed in the color Lapis Blue.

If you want something brighter than the previous color candidate, choose Lapis Blue. The noble and eye-catching blue looks good in the company of burgundy and gold details.

You’ll also find jewelry in this color; it looks unusual and draws the eye to your hands.

Wedding in the color Gold Flake

The trendy shade of gold this year. It will resemble the first rays of the sun in spring, which left its mark on the details of your celebration.

Often this color is used as an element of decor, gold dust on the dress, veil, invitations and cake.

Deep gold, as if a little aged, looks harmoniously with the muted and restrained-bright colors. For example, it will be paired with the shades we talked about above.

Gold Flake jewelry, tableware and wedding invitation design is an elegant solution for couples who want to dilute the usual white and black colors with rich gold.

Pearl Gray Weddings

In contrast to the bright hues at the beginning of the list, this color seems perhaps the most understated and calm.

Pearl Gray is pearl gray. The color of the sky, slightly overshadowed by clouds or storm clouds. In early spring, this color looks harmonious against a backdrop of subtle, pale landscapes.

The most daring can choose to wear a dress in this shade. Or let your guests dress in Pearl Gray. The tablecloth at the reception will also look elegant in the shade.

Certainly, the shade will accentuate other, brighter colors (such as shades of blue). Jewelry and engagement rings can also be selected.

Emerald Color Wedding

A delightful emerald shade is another trendy shade for the spring wedding season-2023. In spring, when there is such a lack of greenery, this color will not only fill that need, but will please even the most ardent supporters of classic shades.

Butterflies for groomsmen’s friends, groomsmen’s bonbonniere, bridesmaids’ dresses and elements of cafe interior – anything can be in the shade Emerald. In addition, in combination with this shade any texture looks luxurious, be it fur, wool or painting and embroidery.

Combine emerald with the shade of gold we talked about above.


A wedding in the color Fuchsia Fedora

If you want a warm hue as your wedding color, but shades of red seem too screaming, opt for shades of pink and rose red.

Standard fuchsia is a bit overpowering, but it plays a new role in Fedora: still bright, but a bit more understated. The warm undertone of the shade will add springtime warmth to the festivities.

Wedding in the color Champagne

The fashionable color of the upcoming spring season that many brides are familiar with. Yes, perhaps it is the shade of champagne that will be the highlight of your wedding.

If you do not want to wear a snow-white dress, choose a shade of Champagne. A more saturated version of the shade can become an additional, accent in the design of the celebration.

For example, the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit can be classic – white and black colors – and the decoration in the restaurant – napkins, tableware, jewelry, bouquet – can be in shades of Champagne.

Celebrating your wedding in the spring is a good decision. Pick the perfect colors for the celebration – and then everything will look like the pictures of dreams from the Internet. We’ve told you about the trendy colors – now the choice is yours!