What wedding cakes will be trending in 2023

Brides and grooms who love sweets will be very lucky in 2023! The sweet table is already an integral part of any wedding, but wedding cakes will be hugely popular in 2023.

They will literally make everyone’s head spin! We’re sure of it, because we’ve already gathered information on this year’s wedding cake trends, and we have to admit, we’re blown away by their designs!

You won’t have an easy choice to make! So, read on and grab a pen and paper soon to write down your favorite options. Now, without further ado…

Here are the wedding cakes that will be the most popular in 2023.

Peanut Buttercream Raises the Curtain

Yes, that’s right! Peanut buttercream, which many chocolate aficionados use to create elegant and delicious cakes. The American classic will be a hit at weddings in 2023!

And if you add caramelized peanuts to the filling, you and your guests just can’t tear yourself away from such a treat!

The tropical flavors are a real treat!

In 2023, you’ll be treated to the perfect combinations that have both sweet and sour notes, creating an explosion of tropical flavor.

Combinations of chocolate and fruit will be on trend this year: chocolate with orange, white chocolate with mango or passion fruit, strawberries and wild berries with chocolate, vanilla with mango and peach… How we love it!

The Return of Charlotte Cake

The traditional Charlotte cake that we’ve already missed is back with us again! This cake is decorated with champagne cookies, studded with wild berries and tied with a ribbon, and the filling is strawberry mousse and some more cookies.

This cake is not only very tasty, but also bright, so this dessert will please all your guests. It’s hard to resist that kind of flavor!

Cake “Red Velvet” – a favorite of millions of people

Red velvet cake is a favorite treat of the millennial generation. That’s why more and more brides and grooms today want to order it for their big day.

The composition includes: chocolate sponge cake and cream cheese for the filling, forming a chromatic range of red and white. Everyone’s favorite cake that is a win-win!

Puff pastry cakes with cream, fruit and nuts

The sound of puff pastry crunching in your mouth will bring plenty of pleasure to your guests’ taste buds. Even if the puff pastry is topped with cream, vanilla cream or custard, a successful finishing touch would be caramelized fruit such as apple, strawberry, kiwi or figs, and nuts such as almonds or macadamia nuts – a real masterpiece!

Coffee notes.

If you’re among those who can’t imagine starting the day without good coffee or those who can’t finish a meal without it, you’re in luck. Because coffee cakes are going to be a real trend in 2023.

However, coffee will not be the main and only flavor, among the flavor lineup will be such delightful combinations as: coffee and mascarpone, coffee and whipped cream, coffee and biscuit cream and, of course, coffee and chocolate – the perfect tandem!

Naked Cakes

These cakes are also known as “naked cakes,” what our brides and grooms choose most often today. In these cakes, the cakes are not covered on the outside with mastic, fondant, icing or anything else, they are cakes soaked in the flavors of your choice, with a creamy layer and sure to be decorated with fruit, edible flowers. This would be a great cake for a rustic, country or vintage style wedding!

Cake with a marble effect

Marble decor for wedding cakes will also be in vogue in 2023. If you want a wedding cake without frills and large decorations, this solution is sure to catch your eye.

Usually a combination of gray and white is the perfect combination for a simple but elegant cake. You can also use gray, blue and white colors or take marbled pink tones.

Lush floral decorations.

All kinds of flowers (fresh, dried, artificial or edible) will decorate the tiers of wedding cakes. Around the base, on each tier, cascading, as a unique cake topper – this decoration will not go unnoticed, this solution is sure to delight all guests present! Another idea – you can use the same flowers as for the bride’s bouquet to decorate the cake!

The cake is hexagonal!

This geometric shape is the perfect combination of modernity and elegance, and it’s another wedding cake trend for 2023!

The hexagonal shape looks very attractive, so a simple decoration such as a marble effect would work great for this option!

wedding cakes

Your cake in the cheese corner

Did you know that in France, cheese is a dessert? It’s a great idea for the bride and groom who don’t want to order a classic wedding cake for their reception, and prefer to opt for something new and unexpected. Why not a cheese cake? The simplicity of this cake comes from the fact that you can use several types of cheese to build a big tower to your liking.

Place your “salty” cake in the cheese corner and let everyone be amazed!

New Cake Shapes.

Cakes have undergone a real revolution in the last few years, and this includes the figures we are used to seeing on top of the cake.

These figures will now be able to be personalized, which is great for those who don’t like simple bride and groom figures on top. Letters will be fashionable in 2023, you can also design your own figurines, for example, why not choose something from your shared hobby?

Alternatives to wedding cakes that will also be on trend

Another trend in 2023 is to opt for original alternatives to the traditional wedding cake. Usually all weddings feature a tiered cake that the bride and groom cut together, but if you don’t want your reception to be “just like everyone else,” you can surprise your guests with different ideas and move away from tradition.