Modern bedroom design for young people: 5 appropriate styles

The most intimate, personal place in the house is always the bedroom. This is the place we need for privacy, rest and sleep, so to think through its layout should be especially careful. Even more attention should be paid to creating a bedroom for loving spouses, in order to keep the romantic reliable relationship at the proper level. The marital bedroom is a special place for its owners, where a sensual atmosphere must be maintained. A lot depends on how the marital bedroom is organized: how people feel in the morning and in the evening, how they feel emotionally, and the relationship between the spouses.

Naturally, it is not only the design of this room that determines the atmosphere in the home and family, but it also plays a not insignificant role in this matter. About how best to think about the design of the matrimonial bedroom, what tips for organizing the space can be used, how the matrimonial bedroom according to feng shui, we will talk below.

Bed – an island of unity of souls in the bedroom of newlyweds

There are certain items that are simply necessary in any bedroom for two lovers. It is the double and only bed that is an important attribute for married young people. No sofas, nooks, folding structures.

The bed should be as spacious and comfortable as possible, as well as in its stylistic parameters to match the general decor of the bedroom for newlyweds. For example, it would be silly to look pink glamorous bed if the entire room is done in azure or chocolate colors. The best compromise would be a neutral color palette in a setting that corresponds to such styles as classic, modern, fusion.

bedroom design

Basic rules for decorating a bedroom for a young couple

Bedroom is an area of relaxation and rest, a zone of sleep and a pleasant pastime. To ensure that your peace is not violated, it is advisable to remove all unnecessary items that distract attention or cause discomfort in the bedroom. To achieve a harmonious effect in the bedroom, it is easier to order the interior design from a professional designer, taking into account all the wishes of a young couple.

Designing the interior will take into account the parameters of the room, all the preferences of the young couple and make the dream a reality. A professional specialist will help to take into account all the customers’ wishes, which will help to get an elegant comfortable room for the young couple.

When designing the interior of the bedroom, the following factors are taken into account:

  • The volume parameters of the room and the layout of the room.
  • Arrangement of furniture.
  • The choice of style solutions.
  • The color scheme.
  • Lighting.
  • Finishing elements and decorative ornaments, textile design.

Cozy attributes of a warm nest of newlyweds

The furniture made of natural wood or, at least, “under wood” will give the situation a romantic and natural character. The flooring in the bedroom is better to perform a soft, high-density carpet in medium or dark colors. This will allow the occupants to move around the room softly and comfortably without warm slippers.

If desired, you can replace it with linoleum or hardwood flooring, but as an island to place a fluffy skin of some strange animal on the floor. It is not necessary to look for a natural specimen: an artificial version will also do!

The wedding photos have their place.

Another important moment for the young couple is the wedding photos. They should necessarily be in the bedroom of the newlyweds in some quantity, to remind them of the happiest day in their lives.

You can print one photo in a large format with perfect quality and install it in a beautiful frame. Several others to hang on a free neutral wall in the form of a triptych or puzzle picture. Over time, they will become real heirlooms for the new family, but in the meantime, let them hang and delight the eye!

Important tips

It is clear that the bedroom just can’t be uncomfortable, because otherwise you won’t want to stay in it. To design a room that meets your aesthetic and functional needs, listen to the following recommendations:

if the room only has one window, it is desirable to place the bed next to it, but not too close to avoid drafts;

It is also worth taking seriously the textile decoration of the window opening. So if the view outside your window is not very pleasant to the eye then put up heavy curtains, but if you can enjoy the wonderful scenery you can hang only tulle;

Do not make your bedroom too cluttered with furniture, because it is more comfortable to be in a room with enough space.

Entourage just for two: the ceiling in the honeymoon room

Special attention should be paid to the ceiling of the bedroom. A very unusual solution is a mirror or a completely mirrored surface. This will give an unusual entourage to the room and allow two young people to admire each other, looking at the ceiling.

Another original solution could be to place a large flat screen TV on the ceiling or on the wall opposite the bed. Then you can watch family shows or video replays of your wedding without getting out of bed!

Choosing the bed and the rest of the furniture

A cozy bedroom designed for a couple is simply unthinkable without a large, comfortable bed, and it is she who should occupy the central part of the room. The design of the sleeping bed can be both classic and modern. In the first case, give preference to a solid wooden bed with carved legs and headboard. A canopy may be made of thick velvet or of airy material.

If you want to see your bedroom more modern, you can buy a leather bed, because it is at the peak of fashion today. It looks very effective when the bed is placed on a podium.

In addition to the bed, choose appropriate style bedside tables and a roomy closet. If there is a possibility, the room can be equipped and a separate dressing room, dividing it from the rest of the space with the help of partitions. An elegant dressing table with a pouffe will give the interior of the bedroom sophistication and completeness.

Do not forget about the decor, which includes textiles. The refined curtains, bedspread and bedside cushions will give the room even more comfort and warmth. The walls can be decorated with panels and paintings, on the tables place photo frames and nice knickknacks.

Color scheme and accessories

The design of the matrimonial bedroom involves creating an atmosphere of relaxation and peace, so it is worth choosing non-aggressive colors. In small rooms, it is better to give preference to light colors – with them the room will seem more spacious. You can think about light blue, light green, light beige shades. Yellow or sand tones will add coziness and warmth to a cool room, and lavender, beige and blue shades will add coolness to a hot day. Brown and black colors are often used in the interior bedroom, but do not overload the room with them. Here it is necessary to choose skillfully textiles and decorative elements.

If the matrimonial bedroom is located in a large room, and clutter the space with furniture is not desirable, one of the walls can be done wallpaper or panels with a fine pattern. So the room will not seem empty.

Some people decorate bedrooms in bright, glaring colors, but here it is worth thinking about the future. If the bedroom for newlyweds can be made with bright red, bright blue or orange shades, then a mature couple in such a space will be quite difficult to tune out to rest.

Textile materials should be given special attention. It is desirable to use natural fabrics, because the health of the family depends on them. And the color should be chosen depending on the general color scheme of the room. The combination of black, white and red or burgundy looks interesting, where the bright will be the decorative elements: candlesticks, vases, and bedclothes.

It is important to think about the lighting in the bedroom. If there is not enough natural light even during the daytime, consider a bright overhead lighting and several local light sources: floor lamps by the bed, table lamps on bedside tables or sconces. And for local sources of light it is better to choose frosted shades or lampshades. To create a romantic atmosphere you can buy candles, but do not forget about the fire safety.

A lot of accessories in the bedroom will be superfluous. A couple of paintings, a large decorative vase, decorative pillows, a few statuettes depending on the style of the room will complement the overall design of the bedroom. If you want to additionally decorate your bedroom and add originality to it, you can use decorative wall stickers, wallpaper with a graphic design or photo wallpaper on one of the walls, wicker baskets or an interesting storage chest. In decorating the room, it is important that interior items and decorations are in harmony with each other, otherwise there will be a feeling of cluttering up the space.