Wedding floristry: what you need and how to decorate

No wedding passes without flowers. Floral decoration of celebrations is called wedding floristics. The history of origin dates back to ancient Rome, when it was customary for newlyweds to hold bouquets of rosemary and garlic. This was considered a symbol of success and wealth.

Today, it is impossible to imagine any wedding reception without floral decorations.

Correctly chosen and used flowers will decorate any celebration, because modern floristics is not only a bouquet of the bride and a boutonniere of the groom.

Decorating with flowers is a separate fragrant science

The language of plants from ancient times was studied in society, defining the meaning of each plant. With the help of bouquets people express their feelings to each other. And floral arrangements at weddings complement the atmosphere of the holiday, and sometimes create it. Floral compositions can be table, floor, wall.

They decorate tables, chairs, stairs, dishes, glasses and bottles:

  • The decoration of the redemption and flowers for bridesmaids as decorations
  • Car Decor
  • The Newlyweds Table Decoration
  • Decorating the greeting and gift giving areas
  • Buffet and/or dessert table
  • Table decoration for guests
  • Banquet Room Decoration

The bride’s bouquet

The bride is the main decoration of the wedding, so her bouquet is given special attention. It is necessary to take into account the theme of the event, style of wedding dress and personal floral preferences. It is also necessary to take into account the time of the year. In spring, many give preference to lilies of the valley, daffodils and tulips, in summer – peonies and various wildflowers, in autumn – gerberas and dahlias, in winter – orchids, lilies and roses. Recently it has become popular to add lily of the valley, bluebells and even snowdrops to bouquets. Bouquets are made on portbouquets, on wire and on stems.

Brides use flowers not only for the bouquet, but also for hairstyles. Natural flowers pinned to the hair, pinned to hairpins, wreathed from them, decorate hoops and rims for wedding hairstyles.

There are several basic forms of a bouquet for the bride:

  • Round
  • Waterfall
  • Drop
  • Biedermeier
  • American Style
  • Vegetal Style


This accessory is just as important as the bride’s bouquet, although it is simpler. It is placed on the lapel of the suit and adds sophistication and elegance to the groom’s image. The boutonniere is often made as a mini copy of the bride’s bouquet, or according to the individual design, but using the same flowers as in the bouquet.

Table decoration for newlyweds

The floristics of the festive table depends on the room, the wedding theme, the color scheme. Consideration is given to the lighting and temperature of the room for the choice of flowers. The tablecloth of the table is decorated with floral garlands, petals are scattered in random order.

It is preferable to use low bouquets and low vases so that the flowers do not block the newlyweds. Floral balloons hanging from the ceiling can enliven the space and create an atmosphere of romance. The wall behind the newlyweds is decorated with flowers depending on the overall decoration of the hall.

As a side note. Modern trends suggest the use of dried flowers, willow sticks, ears of wheat, cotton, which create an original and cozy atmosphere.

Tables for guests

Wedding tables are decorated with small vases with flowers that match the color of the bride’s bouquet. If candelabras are placed on the tables, they are decorated with flowers. Or small wicker baskets with compositions.

Floristry of the hall

Floral arrangements for the wedding hall are in harmony with all other floral decorations. When decorating, the layout of the room is taken into account.

Florists adhere to the basic rules:

Form. Decorate columns, railings, arches that are in the hall and also construct new structures with artificial and live flowers.

Parallels, in which floral compositions are arranged strictly in rows, taking into account the shade of flowers.

Vegetative, includes the use of trees, fruits, berries, stones.

Decorative decor, in which rounded compositions with flowing elements are used.

Form-linear version with the use of floor flower designs.

It is very important not to overload the wedding decor of the hall with a large number of floral decorations. The decor can be supplemented with bright details, balloons, glitter, but only in moderation.

Wedding florist

Wedding accessories

When decorating, flowers are used for various little things and accessories.

In invitations, banquet cards, bonbonnières, etc:

Flowers in pots or vases can be used for banquet numbers and cards.

The seating plan can be a flower stand

Invitations can not be simple cards, but the mini boxes, which will be an invitation and fragrant flower.

Bonbonniere can be constructed from fresh flowers, plants in pots.

Artificial flowers

Floristry for weddings involves the use of artificial flowers, which will allow you to create long-lasting compositions. The advantages of them are obvious, less financial and time costs. Decorating with artificial flowers can start a few days in advance. Often the second bouquet of the bride, which she throws according to tradition is created from artificial flowers, and it remains as a keepsake.

Professional decoration or do it yourself?

When hiring a florist, review his or her work beforehand and reread the reviews. The florist should have experience working specifically on the subject of weddings, because the concept of different events is different and the approach should not be formulaic and standard, but different and individual.

Basics of the science of floristics can be taught yourself. There are special mini courses that you can find in Moscow and in St. Petersburg that teach you the basics of floral decoration in a short time. You can watch online lessons and presentations on floristry training on your own.

The hired specialist already understands all the subtleties, in the right combination of flowers and fragrances that will help to decorate the entire celebration.

It is important not to forget some points:

  • Transportation – live flowers need to be delivered carefully and at a certain temperature in the car.
  • Timing. Flowers must be fresh and last all the events, so the timing of their purchase and delivery must be strictly observed.
  • Outside help. It will be very difficult for the bride and groom to cope with the wedding decoration alone, so think in advance who will help you in this matter.

Live and artificial flowers are used at the wedding everywhere. Both in accessories and in the main decoration. You will enjoy taking the plunge into the creative floral world of creating unique and beautiful floral decorations.