15 wedding floristry trends 2023

Wedding floristry is not only an important part of the wedding decor, but also a significant expense item in the event budget. If you’re going to spend money, then spend it wisely! From our article you’ll learn what floral solutions are most popular this year and can decorate your holiday in the latest floral fashion.

Combining styles and textures

Combine boho and glamour or rustic and classic – why not? The compositions collected from flowers and plants characteristic of different styles look original and unpretentious. Such mixes bring an element of novelty and development to the wedding decor. Especially popular this season is the combination of fresh flowers and dried flowers.

Floral arches and photo areas

Every year more and more couples are willing to experiment. First, the standard rectangular flower arches gave way to round and triangular designs. After that, they transformed into fancier geometric shapes – they are no longer really arches, but rather individual elements that constitute a single decorative ensemble. Floral backdrops and photo areas also do not lose their relevance. We can only say one thing – flowers at the wedding ceremony will never go out of fashion, only the style of floristics changes.

Decorating the aisle

The bride should walk towards the groom and her new life as beautifully as possible. Part of the mesmerizing decor of the ceremony site will be the compositions framing the path down the aisle. They can be in vases, pots, baskets and wooden boxes, or they can “grow” directly from the floor or the ground. This, by the way, is a trend for 2023.

Impressive floral installations

Abundant wedding floristry is reflected in large-scale floral installations. They create a magical atmosphere, immersing the place of celebration in a floral fairy tale. Complex designs, tiered compositions and an abundance of different flowers, of course, an expensive pleasure. But the effect is worth it!

Three-dimensional suspended compositions

Suspended compositions help to fill the empty space in large rooms and do it very effectively. Often such decor is used in marquees. Typically, a hanging installation is placed in the center of the room, above the ceremony site, or above one or more tables at a banquet.

Hooped centerpieces

Want to diversify your guest table decor and find a worthy replacement for traditional bouquets in vases? Pay attention to the hoop arrangements. A note of wedding geometry and a light touch of boho – such central element on the tables of guests will be airy and will not prevent people sitting opposite each other to communicate freely.


The simplicity and naturalness of wildflowers have fallen in love with many florists around the world. The light carelessness of wildflower bouquets and the romance of rustic style are bribing. Such floristics will appeal to those who are alien to pretentiousness, luxury and pretentiousness of wedding decor.

Minimal greenery

The trend of the past couple of years was an abundance of greenery in wedding floristics. Now we are seeing a trend toward little foliage in mixed floral arrangements. Florists focus on flowers, and for volume add dried flowers and leaves, dried flowers, twigs.

Dried flowers and dried flowers

Dried flowers are an absolute hit this year. Having gained popularity last season, they are not going to give up positions. And on the side of dried floristics such advantages as its durability and persistence.

Flowers in pots

Awareness and support of ecology are making potted plants more and more popular as an element of wedding decor. The eclectic and rustic are ideal for such a concept, in which potted flowers and greenery will fit in well. Large plants and even trees in pots can become part of your ceremony, decorate the banquet hall. Small pots with flowers will be suitable for decorating the presidium and guest tables, sweet table, welcome- and photo zones. And miniature pots will be an excellent option for a gift for guests.

Tropical Style

Unusual and bright, tropical style is very good for summer weddings. In winter, such decorations will create an amazing contrast and immerse guests in the atmosphere of a hot summer in the middle of the frosty season. Lush green palm leaves, exotic flowers and plants, tropical fruits will help to turn your wedding into a paradise island of serenity and enjoyment.

wedding floristry

Dyed and bleached flowers

Modern technology allows florists to compete with Mother Nature in ingenuity and change the hues of flowers to their own taste and according to their own ideas. No bright pink cortaderia? No problem, we’ll just paint it. And if you want monochrome and minimalist austerity, then any plant can be whitened by removing the natural hue. Such solutions are now on the wave of popularity, and you have a chance to feel like a creator in the full sense of the word.

Carnations and Gypsophila

These flowers are associated with the generation of those who are now 30-40 years old, with childhood and the era of “scarce” 80s and 90s of the last century. This is probably why they were unfairly forgotten for many years. Florists did not use carnations and gypsophila in compositions for status and luxurious events, enlisting these flowers as “poor relatives”. Finally, they are returning to floral Olympus. And they are not those red carnations which were laid at the eternal flame in a modest quantity of some pieces, and not those rare gypsophila inflorescences which were added to roses to give “volume” to the bouquet.

Delicate and textured carnations can easily compete with ranunculus and peony roses, and lasting gypsophila looks wonderful in mono-bouquets both in their natural shades of white and pink, and painted in any bright colors.

A small bouquet for the bride

A miniature bouquet of the bride is a very handy accessory, you do not need to constantly adjust it, give it to your girlfriends to keep and worry about what might happen to it during the walk or photo session. At the same time such a bouquet-crumb can be no less spectacular than his sprawling and heavy fellow. Of the expressive means to draw attention to the bouquet, florists advise to use an unusual color palette and a combination of different kinds of flowers, contrasting in shape, texture and mood.

Flowers in the image of the bride, groom and guests

Floral accessories as additional decorations in the image of the bride, groom and key wedding guests have long been commonplace. But every season, decorators and florists invent something new to surprise everyone in attendance. For example, in the season 2023 in a trend not just classic floral boutonnieres, but whole applications of flowers decorating lapels of jackets, sleeves and straps of dresses.