10 engagement ring trends for the wedding season

Usually for things we plan to wear “forever,” the epithet “trendy,” which essentially means “temporarily popular,” is more of a negative than a positive characteristic in the choice. Does this apply to engagement rings as well? Yes and no, because on the one hand you want to like your engagement ring now as much as you do 20 years later, and to that end you lean toward the classics, but on the other hand, that same classic seems downright boring and boring to many, which makes you look for a bold and unusual design as a way out. In other words, there are connoisseurs of everything in wedding rings – both vintage style and traditional forms, and innovative solutions. We have collected the best ideas on the subject in one review to help you decide.

Trend 1: Highly rendered stone

“Lonely” large stones are a trend in engagement rings that hasn’t faded for at least 15 years, so you can recognize such rings as classic, and also the most sought-after by celebrities.

Trend 2: A round cut stone surrounded by small diamonds.

Rings with a “halo” of tiny diamonds or cubic zirconia diamonds have recently enjoyed great popularity, because this kind of jewelry looks both elegant and unpretentious, brilliantly highlighting the main stone (incidentally, it can be colored) in the center of the ring.

Trend 3: Stone in the “Marquis” cut

The oval brilliant cut stone with pointed edges, named after the favorite of king Louis XIV, visually increases the size of the diamond (and this cannot fail to please!), and visually makes the fingers look slimmer and thinner because of its elongated shape.

Trend 4: The stone in the clutches

A wedding ring with a stone in the girth looks stylish and unusual and is guaranteed to please those who prefer quiet strict minimalism and jewelry with an unusual, but the same strict design.

Trend 5: Openwork ring

The engagement ring does not have to have a traditional design. You can also look for a vintage style jewelry with openwork trim around the perimeter, which emphasizes the central stone, or choose a fresher idea with a ring without precious stones, but with an intricate attractive execution.

Trend 6: Pink gold

Pink gold has become so popular in recent years that it’s about to overtake the classic metals. And no wonder: this metal looks stunning in jewelry with romantic baroque design in the form of monograms or ornaments. Naturally, not without the participation of diamonds, which against the background of pink gold take on a warmer shine.

Trend 7: Ring with colored stones

Today’s brides are becoming bolder and bolder in their approach to choosing both a wedding dress and an engagement ring, so the rules of “classics only” or “nothing but diamonds” are not considered binding. Your engagement ring can also look like a bright and eye-catching piece of jewelry – not just because of the design, but also because of the color.

Trend 8: A ring with a princess cut stone

The cut with such a noble name, by the way, is the second most popular after round and oval in the treatment of precious stones. The play of sparkles in this stone is due to its shape, concentrated in the depth of the stone and at the edges, making it more complex than the traditional round cut. Stones in this cut look good alone or in the company of other, smaller stones of similar geometric shape.

engagement ring

Trend 9: A ring with baguette-cut stones

Baguette-cut diamonds are a relatively new trend in jewelry that still looks fresh and new. Baguette facets can be encountered in many different designs, such as a single rectangular stone set against a background of round stones, or a ring featuring a belt of baguette diamonds around the circumference.

Trend 10: Futuristic design

Innovation in the jewelry business does not stand still, and that is why we find wedding rings, which in shape, material or decor (and maybe all items at once!) do not resemble engagement rings in the way we are used to see them. Why not? If there are unconventional trends in fashion almost every season, then it’s time for wedding accessories to match those who don’t want to be like everyone else at all.