Wedding show

When preparing for a wedding, in addition to choosing a venue for the ceremony, finding a photographer and videographer, trips to the bridal showroom to try on the bride’s dress, the young couple should decide what to entertain guests with after the wedding and banquet.

Entertainment show program for the wedding can combine many areas of art: solo performances of singers or dance numbers, magic performance or performance of the bartenders.

Wedding bartender show: the original preparation of drinks

For those who plan to have some alcohol at their wedding, there is a great option to serve interesting drinks and cocktails with fire in the form of an exciting show. This is the so-called bartender show.

It consists in the fact that the invited bartender prepares cocktails, tossing glasses, bottles, juggling shakers and performs other tricks. Another name is the flaring show. May include fire elements, pyrotechnics, and fireworks.

They don’t have to worry about anything else, the bartender will bring everything with him – a mobile counter, utensils, ingredients for making drinks and decorations.

The menu offers a wide variety of cards for any audience: smoothies, tea, coffee, beer, oxygen, kids, milk, fresh, mojito.

As with other entertainment programs for guests, you should order in advance a few weeks before the celebration, coordinate the menu and all the details, such as: the time of arrival, the beginning of the performance, the duration of the room and the number of servings per person.

When drawing up the menu, it is worth taking into account the seasonality of the celebration – in summer it is better to choose cool drinks, in winter – warming drinks, such as mulled wine or cider. Champagne pyramid is especially popular at any time of the year, especially if there will be many guests at the wedding.

A paper show for a wedding: unbridled fun

A paper show is a whole whirlwind of positive emotions coupled with positivity in the literal sense of the word. A huge amount of finely cut paper is poured whole snowdrifts, filling all the empty space. Such paper can be thrown at each other, tossed in the air, put on his head.

This kind of entertainment is great for weddings with many small guests. Children will love the opportunity to run and frolic in the middle of a soft pile of paper strips.

Typically, large-scale celebrations use up to 70 pounds of paper material. Paper is used special, soft, so as not to cut on the edges. Also in the process they use different variants of decorative lighting, guns or wind-blowers for blowing paper piles.

It is worth bearing in mind that for this kind of entertainment you need an appropriate area. Open spaces in the open air or verandahs will not do. A banquet hall is not the best place either, because everything will be in paper. It is better to choose an enclosed, free space, such as a dance hall.


Magicians for the wedding: micromagic and transformation

If active fun and dancing is not quite to the guests’ liking, or if everyone wants to rest after the active part of the wedding – diversify the banquet with the performance of magicians.

There is a huge selection of artists of different categories dealing with tricks and magic. The most popular of them is an illusionist. The tricks of an illusionist consist of transforming and moving objects, the disappearance and appearance of the magician’s assistants and so on.

When contacting the right agency, the young people will be helped with the choice of artist.

Wedding clowns: secrets and tips

Clowns can play the same role at a wedding as magicians – to entertain guests after the banquet. Call artists who will show funny numbers and skits, or those who will tell jokes and stories. No less popular is an impersonator who portrays some famous person.

The choice depends directly on the contingent at the celebration. Children will surely like the performance of funny clowns in bright costumes, people of age will appreciate a good joke or a parody of a familiar figure.

Study the portfolio, the price list, the programs offered. If you want, it is better to meet with the chosen artist, to discuss in person all the issues and details of the celebration.

A separate genre is the mime artist. Many couples choose this type of art, because touching mutes, without using words, can portray a funny or sad scene.

The sand show: the elusive beauty

Sand show has been known for a long time, but as an art form, has only recently gained popularity. Including, as a fascinating entertainment at a wedding.

Sand animation is a drawing with sand on a surface illuminated from below, on which the artist makes light movements to create amazing pictures that replace each other.

Usually the young couple order for the celebration the story of their acquaintance and love, told in this touching style.

Before ordering, you should see the artist’s work. For an individual program, you should apply in advance so that the artist has time to prepare a drawing. As a rule, the lighting and all necessary equipment the artist brings with him, but it is better to clarify this point in advance to avoid misunderstandings.

Dancing numbers for weddings

No wedding can do without dancing. But to the wedding dance of the newlyweds you can add dancing numbers of dancers in different genres. Ballet, flamenco, Caucasian lezginka, samba – choose what the young people like. It can be either historical or modern dance.

If the audience is of different ages, it is better to choose something neutral and not too provocative, but not boring – for example, Irish step or oriental dance.

Dancers can perform solo, duet or large group, depending on the magnificence of the occasion. The number of numbers also varies. Each team or duo offers a different price per performance, so there is quite a spread in price.

The Cryo Show or Affordable Chemistry

Literally in the last few years, so-called cryo-shows or nitrogen shows began to gain popularity. What’s the point?

A performance involving liquid nitrogen is applied chemistry in action. Various beautiful chemical reactions create bizarre clouds of white smoke, change the color of liquids, turn roses into crystal and more. They are absolutely safe for the environment and allow for guest interaction. It turns out an interesting science show for the guests.

Chemists dressed in chemical protective suits create seemingly perfect magic, not worse than illusionists, but this magic has a scientific explanation, which will reveal to the participants.

Fire and light show

Gained popularity only recently, as well as the cryo-show – fire or fire show. In this show, fire artists perform various numbers with fire props: fans, ropes, poles and more. It looks like such a show is very exciting!

But if dances and tricks are still allowed to show indoors, then for a fire show you need an open space in the fresh air. Therefore, this show is not suitable for any celebration. But for a farewell reception, a fire show at a wedding will be a great ending to the evening.

No less spectacular look light and laser show. With lasers, artists can draw a whole cartoon clip for the newlyweds.

The main thing is the comfort of all the guests at the wedding, so that everyone feels part of the celebration.