Secrets of organizing a wedding walk

Timing of the wedding walk

The best time for a walk is before the check-out registration in the morning. The bride and groom’s gatherings are just over, you are full of energy and in a great mood – perfect conditions for a shoot! It’s important to keep in mind that the bride’s gathering may be delayed or you may get caught in traffic on the way to the photo shoot, and consider these factors when timing the day.

Allow about two hours for the photo session: during this time you can take a sufficient number of shots in several locations without unnecessary haste and fuss.

If the registration is scheduled for the morning, or you do not want the groom to see you before the ceremony, the photo session can be held immediately after the ceremony. In this case it is very important to think about what to do with the guests. And if the location for the photo session is very far from the wedding venue, the love-story can be moved to another day – there are many pluses in this.

Choosing a location

Don’t overdo it – choose no more than three locations for the shoot. If the wedding is scheduled for a day off, it is advisable that these locations are not far from each other, otherwise any traffic jam on the road could ruin your plans. Choose locations where you won’t be disturbed by random passersby.

In winter instead of a street walk you can arrange a photo shoot in a studio or other warm room, and in spring, summer or autumn you should pay attention to parks, beautiful streets, embankments. And don’t forget to bring an umbrella, a cape, a jacket or a warmer jacket in case of bad weather.

Themed photography

If you want a themed love story in a particular place and style, think through the following organizational issues beforehand:

Whether the shooting is allowed in the chosen location: If the location is not open for filming, agree in advance about the time you may be allowed there. Be sure to find out if you will have to pay for it. You should also make a reservation in advance.

Weather conditions: If you are shooting outdoors, plan B in case it rains.

Necessary décor: If you are preparing the décor for your shoot yourself, be sure to find a helper responsible for collecting, delivering and setting up the props. Believe me, on your wedding day you won’t have the opportunity to worry about it yourself, and setting up props in your wedding dress is not very convenient.

The main thing to remember is that a wedding is a holiday, not a job, so don’t try to go around all the memorable places in town and take 1,000 photos! Let the walk be only a part of your celebration and all the most interesting is ahead!

What can you entertain your guests with during the walk?

A buffet and a wish list area

If you are planning a banquet or an off-site registration at a country hotel or cottage, prepare a buffet table with light snacks and drinks for your guests. It is also worth arranging a special sitting area where guests can relax and spend time in a quiet atmosphere while waiting for you.

Live music or a mini-concert can be a great addition to a buffet table. Prepare in advance a special area for wishes. While waiting for you, guests can leisurely write pleasant words in your book of wishes or take part in making a wedding video.

Guest Photo Session

While you are taking unforgettable shots of your wedding day, guests can be invited to do the same! Prepare a special photo area for the guests, choose a background and necessary props. To diversify the photo shoot, you can think of a story for the photo session in advance or even distribute the roles to the guests.

Prepare special slate boards where guests can write their wishes and capture them in the photo. A great find for weddings will be a Polaroid, with the help of which guests can take snapshots and paste them into your book of wishes or take away with them as a small souvenir.

wedding walk


One of the most interesting options can be organizing a quest for your guests! Divide them into teams, make a map, come up with tasks and a prize for them to fight for. You can choose different forms of wishes for the bride and groom as tasks: compose a poem-wishes, record a video-congratulation or solve riddles about the couple.

The quest should be conducted by a professional host, who will supervise the whole process, and to whom guests can turn for details.


If the wedding takes place abroad, or if you’ve chosen an old manor house with an interesting history as the venue, you can arrange for guests to take a sightseeing tour. Invite a guide who can tell interesting facts about the city or individual historical sites. A sea of emotions for your guests is guaranteed! In addition, such a tour will give them a lot of new topics to talk about at the wedding table.

Master Class

The master class will take you just those 1-2 hours that you will spend on the walk. Do not plan something large-scale; it is enough to choose a creative but simple theme. For example, offer your guests to learn a new dance, assemble a bouquet with a professional florist, or decorate cupcakes for a sweet table. Find professionals in advance who can organize the process. Do not forget to prepare a place for the master class, as well as the necessary accessories: gloves, scissors, aprons, etc.